Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The Sad End of Winter Break

Sorry folks, winter break is over. This means 1) I have to wait almost another year for my favorite holiday (Christmas) and 2) Fall grades have been released. With that being settled, I have to admit finals went by slowly and yet so fast. Initially, I was really upset my last final would be mid-December. Christmas is my absolute favorite and I felt as though I couldn’t enjoy it as much this year. However, I realized I couldn’t waste time being upset and had to buckle down on studying instead. After my last final, I took some time to reflect on my studying and predicted what my grades would be. When I received my grades, I was surprised. They weren’t what I expected, and yet they were. However, I was beyond relieved to confirm that I am capable of “doing law school.” As a first-generation Latina law student, this confirmation was super important for my community. It meant that imposter syndrome lies to us and we belong. Prior to grades being released, the waiting period was a bit torturous. BUT I am happy to report I managed to have some fun while waiting. If I didn’t already mention it, Christmas is my favorite holiday (LOL) so I looked at an infinite number of Christmas lights, drank an infinite number of pumpkin spice lattes, and watched an infinite number of Christmas movies. I also took advantage of my newfound free time and visited family that I had not seen since starting law school. It was refreshing and lovely as I was reminded that I have a very large loving family rooting for me. During November-December of 2020, my whole family had Covid-19 so I was extremely grateful that they were happy and healthy this past Christmas. In short, all I can really say is I had the perfect Christmas.