Wednesday, February 2, 2022

First Semester Finals

To put it simple, law school finals are tough. Preparation begins long before your first final. Being in the thick of finals for almost 3 weeks definitely takes a toll on one’s body. Looking back on finals, I am proud of myself for pushing through. Law school finals represented a huge learning curve for me. While studying, you are already thinking about possible questions that will be asked, the possibility of a huge curve, and so much more.

Here is my advice for incoming 1Ls to ease the struggles of finals:

  • Start outlining from the first week. (I neglected this.)
  • Meet with your professors regularly to get your questions answered! (I am super shy and regret not taking the leap to do this.)
  • Take a few hours out of the weekend and review for every single class.
  • Find a study group! (You can even share an outline with them.)
  • The first semester is tough on everyone. If your grades do not come back as you expected, don’t worry! This is normal and almost everyone will be disappointed in their grades at one point in their law school career. Keep pushing and come back stronger!