Friday, February 4, 2022

Exams and Winter Break

Happy New Year! The holiday season is starting to slow down and we are slowly returning to the busy routines of a new semester. For all law students, winter breaks can be full of vacations, family time, new beginnings, and most importantly, rest. Thankfully, I was able to have a nice winter break filled with lots of rest, time with my family, and my partner. The winter break is also a great time to take some time as the semester draws near and not only reflect on your academic accomplishments, but to look over scholarship and summer placement possibilities. I like to take a few weeks to myself at the beginning and disconnect from law school, but as the beginning of the semester approaches I take a few hours out of the day to bring myself back into an academic mindset. As I reflect on the halfway point through my law school journey, I am happy to announce that I had a successful exam season and improved my academic performance from last year! As a first-generation student this is really reassuring that as you progress through, you pick up on new strengths and abilities that allow you to do better over time. This is one of the key ways I feel that law school has changed me. I feel more disciplined and accountable for my work, especially when I take classes that have more hands-on opportunities to build skills for later practice. I am coming into this semester refreshed and eager to see what summer opportunities and academic possibilities are in store as I begin the last half of law school. I am wishing all my fellow students a great semester and to our future law students, a happy admissions season!