Friday, February 18, 2022

Concentrations and Electives

Getting to pick my own subjects was a relatively new experience for me. Back when home, I never got to pick my own subjects – everything was already selected, and I never had to give it a second thought. For someone who always had trouble making decisions (unless it’s where to eat – that I always know), this was absolutely fine.

I will say, though, that I am doing an International Business Law specialization. This has narrowed my choices somewhat (which, again, being indecisive is absolutely okay by me): for my first three semesters, I basically selected classes from of the International Business Law specialization’s elected courses. Moreover, Business Associations was a required course, and that was four units of the 24 units sorted (I’m not very good at maths, but I believe that’s roughly 17% (and I definitely just Googled the answer after deciding I was too lazy to actually calculate it myself, so if that’s wrong it’s Google’s fault)). 

In my last blog post on this very same topic (sidenote, but I can’t believe how quickly a year passes!), I wrote that one should keep in mind that a course offered in the Fall semester might not be offered in the Spring semester, and I still very much stand by that advice (can that be considered advice? Maybe it’s just common sense).

This year, when choosing classes, I also took the form of exam into account. Of course, that wouldn’t be the main element that played into my decision to take a class, but it did affect the semester I decided to take a class. Personally, I prefer open book take home exams. Sure, they’re stressful because you have to spend 24 hours (well, not literally, but you could in theory) on a paper rather than the three or so hours taking a “traditional” examination, but I enjoy the flexibility that it allows in the scheduling of my exams, since I get to choose the day I wish to take it. Moreover, it allows me more time to spend memorizing cases and rules that my classes with closed book exams require. Thus, when choosing courses for the semester, if at all possible I like to keep it at two closed book exams and one take home exam. 

Again, I cannot stress enough how it is not a deciding factor and is simply something I take into consideration, and that it was only something I took into account from the courses I was already planning on taking to begin with. 

And so, with that disclaimer out of the way, I will sign off for this week and will see you all again in my next blog post.