Thursday, January 6, 2022

Fall Semester Update

Three months have passed since fall semester began (how did that happen so quickly?), and I’m here to tell you what that has been like!

Having attended law school online last year, I already had an inkling of what it would be like this time around: lots of reading, a lot of time spent in the library, eye strain (but that might have to do with the fact that I’m also glued to my phone half the day), and stress (especially now that finals are almost around the corner – again, how????). Nonetheless, being able to be on campus this year has made it all worth it (not that it wasn’t worth it last year, but being in-person this semester has definitely made the experience so much better). 

I think that for me, finding balance in law school has been about sticking to a strict and, most importantly, realistic schedule. For example, I know I am at my most productive during the daytime, so I try to do most of my studying while the sun is still up. Moreover, I absolutely cannot (and will not) study for at least two hours after getting home from school, so I take that into consideration the fact that I will inevitably end up watching Netflix for two hours after class when planning my day. Finally, I pretty much know how much reading I can get done in one day, and I don’t try to be overly ambitious with my scheduling because it will only lead to stress, guilt, and disappointment.  

When it comes to my social life outside of law school, I have to say that it really hasn’t suffered much (but I also say this as an introvert who likes to spend time alone). Since I do the bulk of my studying during the day, in the evenings I am usually able to meet up with friends (even if it’s just a few hours to catch up over dinner). I also try to not do anything school-related on Saturdays – I’m sure that that is subject to change with exams coming up in a month though!

In short, law school is a lot of reading, and it also is time consuming, but with proper time management and scheduling, it really doesn’t have to consume your entire life.