Monday, January 31, 2022

Exams were … more or less what I expected

I thought I did well up until I received my grades. I mean I still did fine, but definitely not top 1% of the class fine, you feel me?

Regardless, being top of the class wasn’t my goal. So long as I “survived” my first semester, that was what mattered most. Because for the type of things I want to do, I think it matters more that I’m able to do my job well.

Not saying grades don’t matter! They do! But remember, they’re not everything, and it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get the grades you want, especially in the first semester. Grades don’t define you. Passion, determination, and abilities do.

As for the break… that was way more eventful!

While it was absolutely soaking in California during the month of December, I was tanning at the beaches of a five-star resort in Mexico. The only words I knew during my 7-day stay were “nachos,” “sleep,” “beach,” and “tequila.”

I mean, just check out these views!

As for legal-related things, I watched a few episodes of the Netflix series I am a Killer. It gave me flashbacks of taking my criminal law final, as I constantly heard attorneys using the same defenses and explanations I had just learned one month earlier…

And I upgraded my figurine collection. It’s looking pretty stacked now, and far more updated.

As of now, I begin my second semester, which should be a lot more interesting than the first. I finally get to enter justice clinics and join extracurriculars! I’ll keep you posted on my journey!