Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Debunking a Law School Myth

As a first-generation student, my access to what law school would be like was limited. However, I was fortunate enough to be part of a pre-law organization in my undergraduate that gave me resources and access to law students and what the experience was like. At all of the presentations I attended, I would always hear the same advice: be prepared to make sacrifices and have less time for your hobbies and your loved ones, law school is a demanding three years. 

Without a doubt, law school has been the most academically challenging experience I have ever had. However, as I reach the halfway mark of my time here, I have come to realize that with a little bit of planning, we can still make time for the people and things we love. Setting boundaries is an important practice of life and law school and is the key to having a balanced experience. One tip that I have found useful is to always make at least a little bit of time for something you love and make it a part of your schedule. Whether it’s working out, cooking a nice meal from scratch, or having dinner with a loved one. Working things, you love to do into your law school schedule allows you to plan, so that you can have time to yourself. Even if you are spending less time with friends or your hobbies, when things get stressful, I promise you will appreciate having that time. 

Finally, as you are setting boundaries with others, remember to set them yourself. There are so many amazing things to get involved with at Loyola Law School, so many classes to take, and experiences. But remember to get the most of those opportunities, you need to pay attention to your well-being. For example, think about what times you are most productive and plan to work during those times. Even though some late nights will happen as deadlines and finals come up, you will be glad you took the time to listen to your own boundaries! Remember, good luck, and law school is a marathon, not a sprint!