Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Law School Myths

There are two law school myths that almost stopped me from attending law school. 

First, the overly dreaded world of cold calling. Law school runs on a Socratic method. This means that professors will ask students questions about the cases assigned from the day before or other general questions about concepts that we are studying. I am very introverted and the idea of speaking in front of my section of over 80 people sounded like an absolute nightmare! But I quickly learned that cold calling is not at all scary. So long as you are prepared with the reading from the night before, your professor will guide you through every single question they have for you. For example, I was one on call in Torts for over 40 minutes just a few weeks ago. My professor praised me for the questions I got right and for those I did not have an answer too, he kindly guided me through them. This is how almost every law professor handles cold calls. I have friends across every Loyola 1L section and have yet to hear a story about a negative experience in a cold call. Your professor understands that you won’t have the answer to every question. No one is perfect and your peers are on the same boat as you! Just prepare the best you can, and I promise that you will be completely fine! 

Second, I was told that law students were so competitive that the law school environment would be “every man for themselves.” This is not the case. I made friends the fastest in law school than I ever have any other time in my life. As I said earlier, your classmates are on the same boat as you. You will help each other out and will quickly fall into the groove of working and studying with one another. No one hides information or acts in a way that harms other students. Be open and get to know your classmates!