Tuesday, December 7, 2021

How I Spent My Summer

I spent this past summer on my self-proclaimed “victory lap,” basking in the glory of vanquishing the LSAT and my subsequent law school acceptance. Although law school loomed large in the fall, I was able to relish in my achievements and dream of wild successes as an attorney. As Covid restrictions began to wane, my community was able to celebrate the achievements of our members and enjoy each other’s company again. Whether it be delayed 2020 college graduation parties or excitedly discussing new careers and moves to new cities with old friends, the summer of 2021 was one filled with optimism, ambition, and excitement. As I reconnected with my friends and family, I was constantly told how much I have achieved, and all the great things I will do in my career after law school. I was being lauded based on my projected success. It was admittedly a great feeling, but I knew the road ahead would be long and difficult and that I was just barely getting started. Thus, another major component of my summer was ensuring that I would be prepared to actualize my lofty ambitions.

While I had a relaxing and pleasure-filled summer, I was conscious not to become complacent in what I had achieved to that point. I crafted a routine to ensure I would enter law school mentally sharp and prepared for the daily workload. Between spending time at the lake and playing pickup basketball, I carved out ample time to read, work out, meal prep, and browse 1L preparation materials. Ultimately, I established a great balance between my responsibilities and leisure time; something that proved invaluable as I managed readings and spending time with my new friends once school began this past August. My carefree summers where my self-betterment plays only a meager role in my life are certainly over. However, by carefully following my routine to be productive, inquisitive, and efficient in pursuit of my career goals, I am certain that I will find the time to make more memories with the people I care about, just as I did this past summer.