Wednesday, December 1, 2021


1,568 miles. This is what stands between me and everyone I’ve ever known. Over the summer, this distance weighed on me, and I started thinking of everything I would miss when I moved to L.A. I knew that moments together would be few and far between when I started law school so far away, so I decided I was going to make that last summer count.

With my friends, we made what we have called the Summer Bestie Bucket List. We stayed the night at a cabin in the woods, swam by a waterfall, explored a castle, and so much more. With my family, I couldn’t write down everything I wanted to do before I left. With them, I just wanted to savor the little things and enjoy every moment together. Anytime my family got together, we laughed a little harder, teased each other a little more, and said “I love you” often.

Last summer, most of my time was spent relishing in every moment of my last few months living near the ones I love. Maybe I’ll come to regret not spending more time preparing for 1L. The jury is still out on that one. What I do know is whenever I’m overwhelmed, I remember my cousin falling asleep in my lap as I read him a book. I remember making TikToks in a cabin in the woods with my friends, making smores by the fire, and all the late nights spent at iHOP. I remember that no matter how far away I am, they’re back home rooting for me. In times when I feel like quitting, remembering them brings a smile to my face, and I know I wouldn’t trade that last summer for the world.