Tuesday, November 23, 2021


Hello all! I am super excited to be writing for the Jury of Peers again this year, and best of all, I am doing it from Los Angeles this time! It’s been a while since my last introduction (a year, to be exact), so I thought I would reintroduce myself:

My name is Xuejun, and I am an international LLM student in the process of completing the International Business Law specialisation. I spent last academic year doing the course online from over 5,000 miles away, and the nine-hour time difference meant that all my classes took place late in the evening. In fact, I had a class in my Spring semester that finished at 2 am, which, as you may imagine, did absolute wonders for my sleep schedule. However, 2 am lectures are a thing of the past for me, for I am currently typing up this post from California!

The biggest difference in attending law school this year has, obviously, been the fact that I am attending lectures in-person. Stepping on campus for the first time after spending a year learning through Zoom was great. I have never appreciated being able to make actual eye contact with my professors or sitting in the library surrounded by other students more than I do now. (I’m not going to lie though, some days I do miss not having to commute. I don’t drive, so taking the metro + bus to the university takes one-hour each way, and while I don’t mind and sometimes even enjoy taking public transportation, the ability to roll out of bed five minutes before class is due to begin will never not be amazing.)

Anyway, to wrap this all up, I am looking forward to blogging and sharing my law school experience with you all this year!