Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Pro Bono Work?

To be honest, it’s difficult to stay on top of everything and every requirement in law school. There’s a lot that needs to be done in addition to classes, and there are always more opportunities to look into. The pro bono requirement is one of those.

I have always been excited about fulfilling my pro bono requirements. While, as law students, we might all be looking for paid positions or internships, pro bono work is a huge and integral part of the legal profession and it is arguably one of the best ways that our profession helps with justice and equity. Without pro bono work, there are so many people who would be unable to find adequate legal representation, which goes against every ideal that we learn about in law school.

Our pro bono requirement is much more than that; it is an opportunity to learn and grow as a lawyer as well. Before starting law school, it was one of the things I was always looking forward to. As a first year, I have not fulfilled my pro bono requirement yet. However, I do believe that I would like to complete it through a clinical course or practicum. I am also interested in working for the Immigration Center for Women and Children, which is one of the organizations approved by LLS for our pro bono work.

I look forward to updating you all once I complete my requirement. I truly think it will be one of the most exciting aspects of my law school experience and I believe I will be able to learn a lot.

Until Next Time,