Monday, June 14, 2021

Pro Bono Requirement

Welcome back Jury of Peers!

This week, I want to go over Loyola’s pro bono requirement for graduation, and my plan to complete it.

As I start to wrap up my first year of law school at Loyola, my thoughts bounce from summer internships to my upcoming finals, to what classes I plan to take in the upcoming fall and how I will fulfill my pro bono requirement. Unlike many law schools, Loyola has a pro bono requirement, which means that students must complete 40 hours of uncompensated, legally related public service work before graduation. As I am considering a future career in public interest, fulfilling this requirement won’t be a problem for me.

This summer, I plan to do an unpaid externship for a non-profit organization here in Los Angeles. Because this work is uncompensated, it will go towards my pro bono requirement. It is not uncommon for your summer job to be unpaid, which makes fulfilling the pro bono requirement rather simple, so don’t stress! I also have friends who plan to volunteer 5-10 hours a week during 2L, to help complete the requirement. However, Loyola does have requirements for what counts as pro bono work, so check with your advisor to make sure your work counts and that you’re on track for graduation.

The pro bono requirement is an excellent way to get work experience in public interest, and truly immerse yourself in your community’s ongoing legal issues. There are so many practice areas and opportunities for public interest work, especially in a bustling city such as Los Angeles. My advice would be to make a plan sooner rather than later. Because before you know it, you’ll be at the end of your 3L year and on your way to graduation.

I hope that was helpful! And as always, thank you for the read.

Until next time,