Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Networking at LMU Loyola Law School

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This week I want to chat about three of my favorite ways in which Loyola has helped me network and make connections to further my law career. Let’s go!

First, one of my favorite ways to learn about a specific practice area or career opportunities is through panels and guest speakers. Each week, Loyola arranges an array of guest speakers and attorney panels who give you valuable and interesting information about their firm and practice area, and even tips on how to land your dream job. Moreover, most guest speakers are more than willing to speak with you in further detail about their practice- which is a great way to network and build personal connections in the industry.

Second, utilizing OCI through Symplicity is a great way to get on a specific firm’s radar and even have a chance to interview with that firm or company. Symplicity is basically an online tool for students to use to find job postings and career resources like resume and cover letter building. It’s also where you participate in OCI. OCI can connect you with future employers and firms, while also helping you research jobs and practice areas you may have not previously considered.

Third, another great way to look for career opportunities is by participating in Loyola’s Public Interest Week. This option for networking is extremely important for students seeking a career in public interest. For example, Loyola provides students with information from local organizations within several different practice areas. Further, as most of the positions are unpaid, it’s also a great opportunity to fulfill Loyola’s pro-bono requirement for graduation.

Networking can be a bit tricky and even awkward at first, but taking advantage of Loyola’s career opportunities and resources will truly make the process easier and stress-free.

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