Monday, May 17, 2021

What I Love About Loyola

From my experience, being a student at Loyola means being supported by professors, staff, and your fellow students. Since I have already spent many a blog post describing how helpful and easy to approach Loyola’s professors are, I will be focusing on the staff and the other students in this one.

My first experience with Loyola’s staff arose during orientation week, when I encountered some login issues. I reached out to the Law Library, and they immediately tried to resolve the problem (and I really do mean immediately, as I received a response five minutes after I sent my first email). In the end, it turned out that I was on a completely different site, hence why my login was not working. While I honestly don’t know how I managed to go to the entirely wrong website, the point stands that the Law Library helped me resolve the problem that was entirely of my own making.

Another time that Loyola’s staff helped me was when it came to paying tuition. The system was different than what I was used to, so I called the university and they walked me through the process. Again, the problem was a non-problem as I was trying to pay via a method that was only available for US students, and if I had just read properly then I wouldn’t have had a difficult time at all. However, I appreciate the fact that the staff was willing to walk me through the steps, even when I called that third time in the span of ten minutes to confirm that I was doing things correctly.

Of course, I can’t write a post on what I love about Loyola without touching on the student community. Any fears that I had of law school being a competitive and cut-throat environment have completely dissipated at this point. My fellow LLM students are truly supportive of one another: we have a group chat where people are always sending reminders for important deadlines and events, and a question never goes unanswered. (And I do want to emphasise just how helpful people are. There have been times when someone would ask about, for example, class registration, and not only would five people immediately jump in to answer the question, but screenshots of each of the steps would be promptly sent.)

Law school is challenging enough without any extra hurdles, and Loyola makes sure that there is none. The supportive environment is what I love about being a student at Loyola.