Wednesday, May 12, 2021

What I Love About Loyola: The Teaching Style

At my prior law school, I was privileged to receive an incredible amount of help with the material presented. However, LMU Loyola Law School presented a greater opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of law. The professors at Loyola are very skilled and knowledgeable about their craft; thus, it is not surprising that a good portion of the professors have literally written the textbook on certain subjects which are used across the United States. Accordingly, the instruction given is top notch as the professor will introduce material in a manner not found at any other law school.

Yet, mastery of a subject does not make a person an excellent professor alone. The method by which material is taught is an important element to properly teaching a subject. Hence, in addition to the sheer mastery obtained by the professors, professors understand that not everyone learns by lectures. My professors have uploaded video lectures in advance of a class session to prepare us for a difficult session or topic, taught using PowerPoint slides with interactive elements, and utilize ‘learn by doing’ where the students present legal arguments found in cases. While the extra material adds to the work we must complete, its inclusion ultimately makes the students all the more prepared for the bar examination. Simple and diverse teaching strategies makes Loyola stand out from the rest.