Monday, May 24, 2021

My Time Commitments for Student Organizations and Law Review

Hello again, Jury of Peers! Remember how in my first post I told you I’d explain all about my other involvements? Well, this is that post!

So, as a reminder, here are all the things I am involved in: Day Student Bar Association, Women’s Law Association, International Law Review, Student Ambassadors, and a blogger (of course!). I know. I know it looks like a TON of stuff to handle outside of class but let me break down the commitments for you. Hopefully after I’m done, you’ll realize that it is possible to be involved in law school!

DSBA: we meet once every other week for one hour. These meetings are basically a chance for everyone to get together and discuss ideas for events, and talk about topics that we think are important that affect the entire student body. As a speaker chair, we plan two events a semester that covers topics that the student body is interested in. In fall we planned an activism and allyship panel, and this semester we’re planning an improv workshop to provide a practice space for networking and interview skills!

Law Review: as a staffer, we have one two-hour assignment to complete every week. It truthfully isn’t as bad as some people will tell you, you just have to be willing to sit there and cite check for a few hours. We also do one production day a quarter (usually a Saturday) where we do a final check of all the articles going into the published volume. It’s basically like your weekly assignment but everyone does it together.

Student Ambassadors: we have a five-hour commitment to be filled throughout the semester. I got to give one tour last semester and it was seriously so fun. I love being an ambassador and sharing my story with prospective students. Applying for law school can be stressful, as you know, so my goal as an ambassador is to help you realize you’ll get to the other side.

Blogging: we write posts about once every two weeks. This is another activity I really enjoy. Legal writing is really professional and researched based, whereas on the blog I feel like I’m talking to friends. It’s a really nice change of pace and gives me a concrete place to reflect on my law school journey.

Women’s Law Association: I am a mentor so it’s very flexible scheduling-wise and can vary based on your mentee. I have two great mentees and we talk about three times a quarter. I always like to check in after their midterms and before finals. And if I see an event I think they could really benefit from, I’ll let them know!

So, what’s in store for next year? Something I really want to do next year is work in a clinic. I was too scared to apply last year but now I feel a lot more confident in my legal thinking and really feel like being a part of a clinic would be a wonderful experience. Personally, I’m interested in the Project for the Innocent, the Pro Se Mediation, and Fashion Law Clinic!

See you in the next one,


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