Friday, February 5, 2021

Welcome to Spring Semester 2021!

Greetings from the Spring 2021 semester! I have returned to law school feeling refreshed and well-rested (though I suppose I’ll have to see how long that lasts).

My winter break consisted of a lot of staying indoors, re-watching TV shows (I finished an entire season of Psych in one day), sleeping in until noon, and trying to establish a proper exercise routine. All in all, it wasn’t very exciting or even eventful. When my friends and I spoke on the phone and they asked for an update on my life, I genuinely had none to give other than to tell them how many more episodes of a show I had watched. While I hope to be able to travel (or at least physically meet up with friends) next year, I have no complaints, as I was able to spend a lot of time with my family.

I also spent a lot of my winter break refreshing my student email to see if final grades had been posted. Despite being informed by my fellow LLM students who had had midterms or were in their second semester of law school that grades likely wouldn’t be up until early January, I continued to refresh my email at least twice a day. However, upon being notified that grades were up, I realized that I had no idea how to locate them, and had to ask my fellow LLM classmates for help. After some frantic texting and some even more frantic fussing about on the laptop, I finally found my Fall 2020 grades.

As for the exam period itself, I was very nervous about my exam being online. I spent a long time checking that my WiFi connection was strong, making sure my laptop was entirely charged and that my charger was nearby, and checked and double checked the online exam system. I probably should have also checked the latch on the front door, however, as I ended up accidentally locking my parents out of the house.

So to anyone who is taking online exams this year, I guess my piece of advice (if you can even call it advice) would be to not lock your family or housemates outside while you take your exam.

I’ll admit that I was very much looking forward to returning to school by the beginning of January. Like last semester, all of my classes take place in the evening. This probably doesn’t bode well for my sleep schedule, especially as they wrap up at 1:50 am twice a week, but I suppose some things never change.

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