Monday, February 15, 2021

Law Student Support Systems

Hello Jury of Peers!

In the wild whirlwind that is law school, it’s nice to build a strong support system with your fellow classmates. Although it may feel awkward at first to cultivate these relationships and lean on your peers, at the end of the day, you’re all going through the same thing—and you’re not going through it alone. More importantly, not only are you establishing close friendships, you’re also beginning to grow your professional network in the legal field.

Prior to the first day of classes, I remember thinking that everyone was going to be super competitive, focusing solely on their own studies. After my first week at Loyola, I couldn’t have been more mistaken. Not only is our student body incredibly kind and friendly, they are unbelievably supportive and motivating. My section utilizes GroupMe, which allows us to communicate with each other on a large scale, asking questions ranging from, “Hey what is our property reading for Wednesday?” or even, “Who’s watching the Bachelor tonight?” Apart from messaging apps like GroupMe, even something simple as asking the person sitting next to you for their contact information can truly save the day come exam season when you’re looking for a study buddy.

Speaking of study buddies, forming study groups during exam season can be extremely helpful. It gives you a chance to discuss the law in a low-pressured, casual environment, and is an excellent way to help fill gaps in your notes. Although I have friends who swear by their study groups for exam prep, it is important to stay true to yourself and know the ways in which you study best. Personally, I prefer to study alone. I still lean on my peers for occasional questions and reading assignments, but when it comes to studying, I find myself most productive when I’m in a quiet environment by myself.

With that said, leaning on your law school peers goes beyond the classroom. Having a strong support system of like-minded, empowering individuals can make your law school experience much more pleasant. Like I said before, you’re all going through the same thing. You’re sharing an extremely unique experience, and leaning on each other for emotional or academic support can open the doors to not only professional relationships, but true friendships.

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