Wednesday, February 17, 2021

An Entry for My Peers

A classic scene in a movie about law school is the group huddled over books, scattered pages and multiple computers. Someone looks up a rule, another one calls out an exception. Someone else asks about its application. The library or outside courtyard (though, this scene is typically late at night so it’s most likely the former) is packed with groups like this one. What is obviously missing from this scene is a deadly virus. In a pandemic, I’ve experienced no such nights.

Instead, I’ve met people via Zoom, which I find extremely uncomfortable, but I was surprised and relieved to find that there are people who make Zoom meetings so much better. There are people who take the extra step of setting up a study group and virtual library to ensure the rest of us (too awkward or uncomfortable to ask) can have a virtual space to experience law school to the fullest. Those same people share their outlines, answer your questions and walk you through the complex application of a rule fifteen times, if need be.

It’s safe to say that without them I would never have made it through finals with my sanity intact and I never would have done half as well as I ended up doing. Without them, law school would have felt like just watching different people talk on a screen.

While this study group and my lovely peers have helped my grades, they have also helped me through the really hard days; the days where I was just unable to be productive, the days when online school became a little too draining, times when I felt like I was just too exhausted and too overwhelmed to keep going. They are supportive and honest, telling me that they have felt the same way, instead of trying to make it seem like we should all have everything together at all times. I appreciate them deeply, and I would say LLS should be proud to have students that are not just great peers under normal circumstances, but also during awkward, difficult and unprecedented times as well.

Shoutout to the awesome people of D2.

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