Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Debunking A Law School Myth

Before my first day at Loyola, my older brother called me to offer some advice. He warned me about the gunners I would encounter, and encouraged me to get the books I needed from the library quickly before the more unscrupulous students could cut the important parts out with razors. All in all, he warned me: “everyone will try to eat you alive.” 

So imagine my surprise when, after missing a torts class, I ran into a classmate who volunteered to send me copies of everything the professor had reviewed. Everything was color-coded with all the main topics highlighted for good measure.

I thought this kind of helpful classmate would be the exception, but it turned out that everyone I met was just as quick to jump in and help. If students struggled answering cold calls, their neighbors would surreptitiously point out helpful information or raise their hands to answer questions as co-counsel.

This is part of what I have enjoyed about my Loyola experience. There’s a sense that we are all in this together. You can go up to anyone else in class and ask them to explain something to you, and they’ll either help you or admit that they’re in the same boat.

The lack of drama and cutthroat competition might make a lousy movie, but it makes a wonderful student experience.

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