Monday, April 20, 2020

Plans for My Fourth Year in the JD Evening Program

There are tons of benefits to experiential learning that I would still like to take advantage of in my fourth year! Experiential learning allows students to get hands-on experience to develop essential skills for their future careers. Even if a student is in a clinic that is not in the field that they would like to ultimately work in as an attorney, so many of the skills are transferable – like learning how to speak with clients, preparing paperwork, working with deadlines, etc., but it’s all dependent on the clinic that the student is involved in.

I have actually selected a concentration, the Civil Litigation Concentration. I look forward to taking the Civil Litigation year-long preparation course in my fourth year. Coupled with my time working in law firms, I think that the concentration will give me many of the skills that I need to succeed in my future career.

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