Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Love in Law School

What is love in law school? Love is…
  • … the faces of the friends you see on campus and immediately strike up a conversation with.
  • … the person who sits next to you in California Civil Procedure, who offers to share her notes with you because you missed the last section.
  • … that friend that accompanies you to networking events because those kinds of things can be scary and intimidating on your own.
  • … the professor who stays after office hours to make sure any student who still has questions gets the answers they need for that graded writing assignment.
  • … the professor who goes above and beyond for you to patch a connection with someone in the area of law you’re interested in.
  • … the passion faculty and staff for the work they do.
  • … the smiling faces of the people who work in Sonia’s Café when you need to check out your lunch, dinner, snack, or 7th cup of coffee.
  • … the excitement the helpful librarian has when you call, email, or go to when you have that pressing research question for that memo you waited one week too late to start working on.
  • … the career counselor who sits with you and continues to email you comments and notes on your resume so you’re in tip top shape for job applications.
  • … the career development staff member who hypes you up and encourages you to still apply for that job you really want but don’t think you’re 100% qualified for.
  • … the security guard who waves you off as you drive home from campus.
  • … the smile that one person you always see around campus but don’t know their name gives you in passing.
  • … the student who goes on the school Facebook page to get the lost keys or Hydroflask bottle they found in Merrifield Hall or Donovan back to its rightful owner.
  • … the passion and tenacity the staff of all the clinics have in fighting for justice for their clients.
  • … the patience the Financial Aid and Admissions Office staff has to answer all the questions and their genuine interest in each new face that comes up to the window with a question about coming to Loyola.
  • … the loved one back at home or wherever who is rooting for you as you go on your law school journey.
  • … the lifelong friend you have seen in a while who understands that you are in law school pursuing your dreams but still supports you 100%.
  • … the free coffee DSBA supplies us with during finals week to make sure we’re well-caffeinated and functioning.
  • … the care packages full of self-care products and snacks that the registrar’s office gives us during reading period.
  • … the beautiful sunset over DTLA you stood in awe watching on top of the school parking lot.
  • … your perseverance and determination to thrive in law school.
  • … your hopes, dreams, and passions for life and your career.
  • … you as you take the skills and experience you gained while in law school out into the world to help people and make a difference in the community.
  • … everywhere in our Loyola community.