Friday, March 6, 2020

Study Groups: The Life-rafts of Law School

* This sometimes what your reading load feels like: overwhelming. And I may look happy in this picture but it’s what we call “smiling through the pain” *

I’ll admit it. When reading the posts from last years’ bloggers talking about how important study groups are in law school, I huffed and thought “I don’t need anybody. I’m a lone wolf. Always have been; always will be.” Oh wow, was I wrong.

I have never been a group studier. I get distracted with other people and want to talk to them about things other than the work at hand; or I feel too awkward to say anything. But in law school, a study group is a lifeline you’ll be glad to have. Law school is all about “teasing things out” which means that you need to get a group of people together and talk about all the things that happened in class. My study group goes over hypos from class or ones we thought of on our own. We help fill in the gaps for each other when the professor was talking to fast to get it all down. Learning the law, much like making the law, is a group effort.

I feel really lucky because my section has pretty nice and approachable people in it, which makes our class-time and subsequent study-time a pretty relaxed and productive environment. We’re all trying to get through it and helping each other out is really making the process more bearable.

With a crazy workload and dense material that can sometimes be overwhelming, it’s so nice to have a group of people who can help support you both intellectually and emotionally. Unfortunately, unless you’ve been to law school, it’s really hard to understand what it’s like to live the experience. Being in a steady group throughout the year that truly understands your struggles and successes is so important to maintaining at least a little sanity through this process. I’ll end this post with a shout out to both my study group and my section: you guys rock!

I’ll see you in the next one,


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