Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I LOVE Loyola

There is so much to love about Loyola. For one, the campus environment is great and I love that we have such a tight-knit community. It makes all of the difference when you’re trying to develop relationships with your classmates because our classes are not so large that it’s impossible. I also like it because we get to interact with people who are all at different stages in their law school education (first years, second years, evening students, etc.) on a campus entirely dedicated to the law school. I also truly appreciate the faculty at Loyola. They’re incredibly supportive and always accessible for students. Many faculty are also interested in a lot of cutting-edge areas of the law, which gives students the ability to learn about new and exciting things that we may not otherwise get to learn about.

I think all of these things are fairly unique to Loyola, at least in terms of the law schools in Los Angeles. Loyola also has a very respected name in the community and strong alumni network that I really appreciate and have done my best to take advantage of.

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