Monday, March 9, 2020

4 Reasons Why You Need Study Groups

  1. You don't always understand things right (even though you may think you do)
    • It is so easy to misinterpret a rule of law, but that will not happen if three people are working together.
  2. Venting about law school with people that know what you are going through is key to success.
    • We all need to vent about the Rule Against Perpetuities, am I right? Why 21 years? Just why?
  3. Our Notes are 70 percent of the time not complete. Meaning all information is welcome!

  4. Not every class is your "forte," and that is fine. It just means you should take all the help that you can.
    • We are not perfect. Some don't get torts, and others do not understand property. But if your friend understands property and not torts, you can help each other and vice-versa
  5. Who doesn’t need friends?
    • Your study buddies will become your friends, and law school friends are for life.