Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Selecting Second And Third Year Elective Classes

As intended, 1L courses provide the framework on which law students can build over the rest of their law school careers. While I wasn’t always necessarily the most excited to learn about contract formation or basic civil procedure rules, after going through my next two years of law school, both in the classroom and in the real world, I quickly came to realize how important that foundational knowledge really was.

During my second and third years, however, I was glad to have more latitude in picking my classes. After all, not everyone wants to do the same kind of law and requiring everyone to take the same classes no longer made sense. Coming back from my first-year summer externship, I was pretty sure I wanted to ultimately get into employment law. While I picked most of my classes with that in mind, I also knew that there were some classes that would be helpful for the bar, such as Remedies, Trusts and Wills, and Marital Property.

This semester, I have really been able to home in on my future practice area and am taking Employment Law, Electronic Discovery, and Mediation Advocacy for the Litigator. Working as a law clerk doing employment defense work, I realize the importance of discovery and mediation in the litigation process. Moreover, even though I have learned most of what I know about employment law on the job, I chose to take the Employment Law class to get a better grasp on the black letter law so that I could really understand the intricacies of what I was doing at work. With such a robust schedule of classes, Loyola has something for everyone no matter what practice area you hope to pursue.

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