Monday, February 24, 2020

My Winter Break

Coming back from winter break was really hard this semester! I struggled a bit to get myself to study hard for exams, but luckily finished out the semester strong and was fairly happy with how everything turned out. I took Evidence in the fall and that final was no joke!

Over this winter break, I continued to work and did end up taking a few days off to visit family out of state with my husband. The one thing that I’ve learned about myself in law school is that I really just need a few days to myself after exams finish to recover and I didn’t take those this time around. When I don’t get those few days to be by myself and do things I enjoy without any commitments, I end up taking time away later on from pressing commitments because I get burned out. Needless to say, it DEFINITELY caught up with me this time around. Going forward, that’s definitely something that I want to work on.

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