Friday, February 14, 2020

My Winter Break

Happy New Year friends and welcome back to the Jury of Peers! School is now officially back in session, but let’s just take this time to revel a little longer in the memory of winter break. Correction: my last winter break EVER!

One thing I noticed about this fall was how different the structure of final exams in upper level classes compared to 1L courses. This fall, my finals consisted of take-home essay exams and bar exam-style multiple choice questions. The take-homes encouraged and allowed me to be more thoughtful and thorough with my responses instead of being frantic or feeling intimated about regurgitating everything I had learned in the semester in a somewhat comprehensible fashion. In contrast, the bar exam-style finals allowed me to work under timed scenarios on the rule application, reading comprehension, and problem-solving skills that are essential to succeeding on the bar. Another noticeable difference from the exam seasons of previous semesters was how spaced out my exams were. Sure I finished finals later then some other students, but I think I was better able to prepare this semester because I was able to focus my attention on which exam was coming up next rather than having everything back-to-back.

Since I am officially one semester away from graduation, I wanted to spend my winter break enjoying my time, focusing on myself, relaxing, and figuring out everything I want to experience and do during my last semester of law school. The last 2.5 years have been action-packed and have gone by in a blur so I wanted to make sure that I was ready to take on the last semester of law school and my educational career. On top of it, this past fall semester was mentally taxing and exhausting due to starting to think about and prepare for the bar next July, working while going to school full-time, commuting (OH THE COMMUTE), making sure I was taking enough classes to finish my transactional entertainment concentration and graduate, planning my last semester of courses, studying and taking finals, etc. etc. etc. Thus, I wanted to spend winter break in the most low-key way possible – with minimal effort, thinking about school, and worrying about everything and anything most of which are inevitably out of my control. My winter break therefore consisted of spending time with loved ones, catching up with friends, sleeping in, watching movies, finding and trying new foods, enjoying the holidays, and basically catching up with everything and everyone that may have taken a backseat during the semester and especially during finals week.

With my first week of the spring semester done, I’m ready to see what’s in store. Until next time friends!