Monday, February 17, 2020

Fall Finals Are S(no)w Joke

Hello again, Jury of Peers! Today we’re talking finals, and as the title suggests: they are no joke.

So, you get a reading week; you get four days between finals; and yet, there is no way to prepare for what comes at you. We all studied and studied ad infinitum and still many of us didn’t get the grades we wanted or the grades we are used to. Only the coveted few get the highly reached for A+ grade. Law school finals are a different kind of beast because unlike undergraduate exams, law school finals bite back. I had no idea that wrangling a full-page fact pattern for three hours would completely exhaust me the way it did. After finals ended my study group and I went to get dinner and unpack what had just happened to us over lots of soup dumplings. (Big shout-out to Matthew and Hira!)

Truth be told, during winter break, I really unplugged. I went back home to Las Vegas and I let myself take a break. And I did not let myself feel guilty about vegging out on the couch. I got to see my family and spend time with my best friends from high school. I realize that I won’t have many true breaks left before I enter the working world, so I’m trying to take them in stride.

But what’s next? Spring semester is here and I came back a little less jazzed than I did in fall. But that could just be because I know how tired I’ll be by the end of April. I’m excited to take you on this journey for my second semester of 1L, and as usual, if you see me on campus come over and say hi!

I’ll see you in the next one,


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-Din Tai Fung