Monday, December 9, 2019

Fall Semester Update

I cannot believe we have now been in school for three months. 2L has definitely had a faster pace than last year. 2L gives us more flexibility in our schedule, and for me this means no Friday classes. Even though I am not required to be on campus as much as I was during my 1L, I try to be on campus for no less than eight hours Monday through Friday. I like to keep my schedule and my workload as consistent as possible because this year I am taking part in one of Loyola’s clinics and a practicum. With my clinic, the work fluctuates based on the needs of the clients, so it is important to be efficient with time management with my other non-clinical classes. Because I need to keep availability for any urgent issues that may arise, I would say I probably procrastinate less when it comes to my readings for class and long-term projects. Generally, my typical day consists of arriving around eight am to school, then I have class in the afternoon, and I stay to finish up work for the next day. It is not uncommon for me to take a few more to-dos’ for after dinner that are not as time sensitive. Fridays are a little different because I don’t have class so I will either finish up work for the week or meet with clients.

Since I have been procrastinating less, I have more time to myself, which has been really positive. At the beginning of 2L, I adopted a little kitten from a shelter, Mr. Obi-Wan Catnobi, so he has been my main hobby outside of school. Having a pet in law school can be very challenging because they are an additional responsibility, but I believe the positive outweighs any negative. I find spending time with my cat helps me de-stress. He loves to cuddle up next to me when I am doing homework and loves to climb on my laptop to remind me it is time to avert my eyes off the screen and pay attention to him. Here is a picture for your viewing pleasure: