Wednesday, December 4, 2019

A Piece of Advice for Entering Law Students

For me, the most difficult part of 1L was figuring out time management. I am a first-generation law school student and the sheer amount of information and events happening around me during 1L was overwhelming for me. Coming to Loyola, I knew it was important to develop networks and to do well academically. Additionally, I was not sure what type of law I wanted to practice, so I spent a lot of time going to different events and getting to know different areas of the law. So, once 1L started, there was a lot of events, receptions and networking to attend. Looking back on it, I wish I would have been smarter with my time. There were many events that I was not particularly interested in that I nonetheless attended and many of them that were the repetitions of others. If I could give myself some advice, it would be to prioritize my time, and allow myself down-time.

Similarly, I would also tell myself to relax, especially when it comes to the job search. In December, some of my classmates started getting summer offers, before I even had a chance to apply. During the entire month, I let myself stress over the fact that I did not have any offers, despite knowing there was nothing I could do about it. At the end everything worked out fine, however, I probably would have been more effective if I had not been so stressed.

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