Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Volunteering: A Fun Summer Alternative

As a law student, it is very common to spend the summer either taking classes to ease your fall semester’s course load or externing to satisfy your experiential requirements. However, I decided that this summer I would do neither, instead I wanted to relax (Yes, you read well, I said relax). Sometimes relaxing is essential to recover from finals and law school life in general. Most importantly, taking care of your mental health is crucial to succeed in law school (friendly reminder that Loyola offers support resources).

After enjoying my vacations without any remorse, I decided that I wanted to volunteer near my community. I thought finding a place to volunteer would be challenging and it was so far from the truth. All it took was a five-minute internet search to stumble upon an organization that needed volunteers for their monthly immigration fair. I was surprised with all the exposure I had, with the supervision of a certified attorney I filed paperwork for citizenship, conducted interviews, renewed green cards and DACA applications, and translated. I am not going to lie, I was kind of hesitant because this was my first time dealing with immigration law; however, Loyola has given me the tools to adapt in any particular environment. I never thought that I would spend my summer relaxing while performing legal related duties. Therefore, if you do not want to compromise your whole summer, volunteering is always a great option!

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