Monday, November 4, 2019

Summer Days, Driftin' Away

Summer blockbusters always trail characters who go on an adventure and come back with a renewed sense of self or a new feeling of belonging. My summer followed a similar path, except my summer lasted a full year because I took a gap-year after graduation.

During my senior year, I had planned to go right from undergrad to law school but decided I needed time off to replenish things in my life that had gotten low. The first portion of my summer break was focused on relaxation. I took time to travel, pick my artistic passions back up, and reconnect with my high school friends who were also back home after undergrad.

The next portion contained a lot of stress. To be honest, I had a crisis. I seriously pondered what was right for my future and really had to look at what was important to me. I wondered if law school was right for me (which I learned was common). But I decided that law school was where I should go and did what everyone probably still has nightmares about: took the LSAT and applied to schools.

I then interned as a social media and marketing intern for an acting studio in Santa Ana where I worked remotely (and in pj’s!) from home in Las Vegas.

In my last weeks of summer, I took on the “glamorous” task of packing to move. It was scary to move again to a new city and take on the daunting task of law school. But what I didn’t have the first time around when I went to undergrad was a stronger sense of purpose and a renewed sense of self.

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