Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Debunk a Law School Myth

Hello again, Jury of Peers! This week, let’s open Pandora’s Box and talk about…Law School Myths.

Sometimes it feels easier to never open the box because it’s easier to not know than it is to know. But hopefully all you prospective lawyers out there aren’t afraid to put in some elbow grease with me as we dissect a couple common myths!

#1: Law School transforms even the most social of butterflies into the most hermit of crabs.

This is actually a Yes-and-No myth. Yes, law school takes a HUGE amount of your time and you do, to some extent, have to plan your life around putting in those solo study hours. But to say you never get to go out with your friends isn’t really true. To avoid feeling stressed about homework while also avoiding burnout, I usually try to limit myself to one social thing a week either on Friday or Saturday night. The best way to ensure you get that social time is to plan ahead and front load your work or, only make plans after your normal study hours.

#2: Law school professors don’t care about you.

Maybe at other schools this is true, but at Loyola I feel so grateful to have professors who genuinely want to not only get to know us as students but get to know us as people. They want you to succeed and become wonderful lawyers. They definitely don’t coddle you in any way, but they sincerely do want to help you do well.

Hopefully this helped allay some of your fears. I truly think you’ll find that the more you investigate these myths, the more you’ll realize that they are just that: myths. Don’t be afraid of opening the box for fear of what you might find. Plus, you can say you’re a Law-School-Myth-Buster!

See you in the next one,


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