Friday, November 22, 2019

A Piece of Advice for Entering Law Students

If I somehow had the knowledge about law school in my 1E year that I have now, I’m sure I would do so many things differently. The biggest thing I would do differently, however, is to not stress so much about things that don’t really matter. I think back on my 1E year and remember so many times where I was worried about things that just aren’t important. I let so many other people’s opinions about what to do and what not to do in law school get in my way of learning and also enjoying the experience. Once I got into my second year, I quickly realized that all of the anxiety, pressure, and stress I had placed on myself was for nothing. In fact, I was worse off for it.

Whenever I meet people who are considering law school or have just started law school, this is the very thing that I tell them. Along with it, I also try to emphasize that there’s no need to be overly competitive. This is a huge law school myth that I’ve tried to steer away from since I entered. You don’t need to push others aside in order to succeed. You can succeed alongside everyone else and, if anything, it’s a much healthier way to approach your education. Refusing to adhere to the stereotype of law school being a cut-throat environment is a great way to reduce your stress in your first year. This includes competing with yourself – which was where I think I created most of my stress.

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