Friday, November 1, 2019

2L Summer

I spent this past 2L summer decompressing from the busyness of 2L, relaxing, and gaining more experiences to diversify my skillset and make me a more well-rounded person. Over the summer, I worked as a student administrative assistant at the Career Development Office and a law clerk for a local law office.

As a student administrative assistant for the Career Development Office, my duties consisted of communicating with students and other callers, inputting and publishing opportunities on the school’s online job posting website, and assisting the staff with events and other projects. While indirectly law related, this opportunity allowed me to become aware of all the opportunities that are available in the legal profession and understand the importance of being creative when trying to figure out the next big step in one’s life.

As a law clerk for a local law office that specialized in immigration, international business, and corporate law, my duties included conducting research and writing corresponding memos. I also had the opportunity to draft employment contracts, an independent consulting agreement, and visa support letters. This job experience allowed me to learn about multiple areas of the law and work on my legal research skills. I also learned the importance of being flexible, adjusting work styles to fit the expectations and structure of different attorneys, and accepting constructive criticism.

Prior to starting work for the summer, I took about three weeks off to relax, spend time with loved ones, and catch up on sleep. I’m happy I made this decision to take some time off because I was able to start work with a clearer and more relaxed mind. Some fun things I did over the summer include fangirling during the opening weekend of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, cheering on my sister at her college graduation, spending time with my dog, going to Dodgers games, trying new food, attending concerts and sporting events, and making Disneyland trips with various visiting family members and friends.

This summer allowed me to focus on myself by relaxing, getting refocused on my goals, and developing my personal and professional interests. Now that school’s back, I’m ready to take on everything this last year at Loyola has to offer!

Until next time friends!