Friday, October 18, 2019


Welcome to the Jury of Peers everyone!!! My name is Nicole, and I am a 3L here at Loyola Law School. Since my 1L, I have been a blogger here on the Jury of Peers and have been documenting my time at Loyola. So if you’ve been here before, welcome back, nice to see you! And if you’re new, WELCOME!!! (Also, please feel free to check out my previous posts from 1L and 2L to be assured that law school does get better… it really does!)

So a little bit about me: I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2015 with degrees in English and Global Studies. After undergrad, I wanted to give myself some time and an opportunity to explore my interest in a legal career and be sure that it was what I really wanted. So from 2015 until 2017, I worked as a legal assistant at a boutique law firm in the Inland Empire that specialized in workers’ compensation, personal injury, and trusts and estate. This experience not only taught me discipline, professionalism, and the importance of efficiency but also solidified my interests in pursuing a legal career and going to law school. Now, I’m here at Loyola in my third and final year trying to learn as much as possible and gain as many valuable experiences that will make me a well-rounded attorney and individual.

During my 1L, it was a bit of a challenge getting back into the school routine especially after two years working and not having to worry about the turning in assignments and staying on track with reading. But fortunately with a little perseverance and some good friends, I was able to pull through and survive that first year.

During my 1L summer and through my first semester as a 2L, I worked as a research assistant for the Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic. I had gone into law school thinking I really wanted to do immigration law so this opportunity helped me explore the field while at the same time learn more about a subject matter that is so relevant and debated in our society. Moreover, this opportunity allowed me to strengthen my communication skills and improve my organization and planning techniques, both of which are transferable to other areas of the law.

During my 2L, I was a clinical student for the Project for the Innocent. I wrote an entry about this experience last year, and I will definitely discuss it more detail when we get to clinics and externships. But to put it in a nutshell, this experience opened my eyes to a serious and emotional issue: wrongful convictions.

This past 2L summer, I worked two jobs: at the career development office here at school and at a law firm that dealt with immigration, international, and business transactional law. Again, I’ll discuss these work experiences in further detail in a later post, but in short, both experiences, though different, allowed me to develop skills and learn new things about myself.

And now, we’re in the present! As I mentioned, I’m a 3L, which means I’m almost to the end of my time in law school! After working in workers’ compensation, immigration, criminal law, and international business, I have decided to focus on transactional entertainment law. It’s been a journey, but I feel like I’m finally on a path that excites me and appeals to two longstanding interests that I’ve had: entertainment and contracts.

So far, this has been all work and no play, and I’m sure you must be wondering: “Is there no fun to be had while in law school? Is there no time for anything aside from books and work?” While law school is like a full-time job, it is still important to keep yourself in mind and set aside personal time away from law school. So what do I do? I hit the gym, head over to Disneyland for mid-week trips to grab a churro, play with my dog, try new food, watch Dodgers games, spend time with my loved ones, watch Friends, sleep (it may sound funny, but this is so important!), etc., etc.

I hope now you know a little about me! I can’t wait to share this year’s adventures with you! I’m a student ambassador for Loyola, so if you see me on campus during your visit or take a tour with me, don’t be a stranger! Let’s talk – about law school, your questions, food recommendations, the best rides at theme parks, baseball, your hopes and dreams, everything and anything!

Stay tuned! 3L is going to be an adventure!