Friday, May 24, 2019

School's Out For Summer!

Well, not yet. But we are OH SO CLOSE. It is hard to believe that this is going to be one of my last summer breaks ever (it is still a break even when you are working full-time, right?). Next year, when I graduate, my summer will be completely devoted to the bar exam, so I do not count that one.

This summer, I will be working for the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office as a certified law clerk. I also worked there last summer, but as a 1L, I wasn’t able to be certified, so this summer will be even better because when you are certified, you get to speak on the record. I will be making motions, conducting preliminary hearings and arraignments, and assigned to a specific felony unit. And not only will I get to do all of this, I will actually be getting paid for it (which is rare when working for a government agency).

I am from Sacramento County and ultimately want to end up back there one day, so I was a little worried about going to school in Los Angeles at first. But I soon learned when I started interviewing up north as a 1L that Loyola is respected all over California, especially in prosecuting offices, for turning out trial-ready attorneys. I was specifically asked about the Hobbs program (which I am in) and my interviewers knew what the Byrne Trial Team was from reputation. I know for a fact that just having “Loyola Law School” on my resume made a difference in my interviews. It not only made me stand out in the sea of Northern California schools, but its reputation absolutely proceeded itself.

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