Thursday, May 23, 2019

Loyola's Pro Bono Requirement

Loyola has a pro bono requirement, that each student must fulfill before graduating. Being part of a law school that puts such an emphasis on helping others, makes me extremely proud and I look forward to exploring the various opportunities to assist in the community.

As a 1L, I have not completed all my pro bono hours yet and frankly, I am not even close. I have signed up for a few events here and there, but the bulk of my pro bono hours will be fulfilled in my 2L and 3L years. I recently signed up to be a mock juror for the “Young Lawyers Program”, that helps high school students learn about the legal system and practice their skills. This is a program I had planned to be a part of this semester, but their meeting times conflicted with my class schedule. I definitely foresee myself making room for this program next year, as working with high school kids, is very near and dear to my heart. Before law school, I had worked with and trained middle school and high school aged students in basketball and mentored them in other areas as well. I would love to transition those skills over to teaching students about the legal system and peaking their interest in law. I cannot think of a better way to fulfill my requirement. ☺

There are a plethora of other events/clubs/activities that satisfy the pro bono requirement awaiting me. From clinics to volunteering on the weekends, Loyola makes sure we have various opportunities at our avail. Clinics are an amazing way to fulfill your pro bono requirement. They provide hands on experience for students in a variety of fields.

My interests in law school still lie heavily in the entertainment and sports world. I would love to find a way to incorporate sports law into a pro bono activity/event. I definitely plan to do some digging over the summer to find a way to make it happen. For now, I will continue to be on the look out for all the wonderful ways Loyola allows us to help our community.

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