Friday, April 19, 2019

What I Love Most About Loyola

I got lucky with Loyola. Studying for the LSAT during off season basketball training was tedious and felt impossible at times. When it finally came time to apply for schools I was in the midst of the busiest time of the year for a collegiate basketball player. I was traveling to the East coast for games twice a week and practicing every day, along with classes. There was no physical way for me to visit any of the schools I applied to. I took virtual tours and looked up information on the internet, but essentially I decided to go to Loyola on a whim. Fast forward to my second semester of law school, and I could not be happier with my choice.

Loyola was always on my radar, as I had always dreamed of moving to the west coast to pursue a law degree. When it came time to decide, something felt instinctively right about Loyola. When I was finally able to visit the campus in June, before starting classes in August, I was nervous. Once I stepped foot on campus I knew I had made the right decision. My initial excitement heightened as I started law school this past August. While Loyola’s facilities, and accommodations are top tier, it is the people at Loyola that sets it apart from other law schools. I can not say enough about the faculty and students at Loyola.

As mentioned in a previous post, there is a preconceived idea that law school creates cynicism and turns you into a more pessimistic version of yourself. Not at Loyola. While, law school does teach you to question notions and divulge in different theories, the professors and students alike maintain positive spirits about the law and all it has to offer. Law School is tedious, and it can be very tiresome, but Loyola makes it a little easier. With a strong faculty support system and a student body filled with determined, but genuine individuals, I want to emphasize just how lucky I got with Loyola. From a shot in the dark application to becoming my second home, Loyola has exceeded all my expectations.

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