Friday, April 12, 2019

What I Love Most About Loyola

Dear LLS, will you be my valentine? You’ve taught me so much this past year, you’re always there for me, and provide me with the best lunches every week. While I spent February 14 in my Marital Property class this year, the truth is that Loyola has given me so much this past year that this was really the least I could do in return.

Two semesters in, there are so many aspects of life as a Loyola student that I already love and appreciate. From my incredibly intelligent fellow students to the wide range of extracurricular opportunities, Loyola has provided me with all the resources I need to blossom into a successful attorney. One of the things about Loyola that I’ve really come to appreciate is the strong alumni network. Whether you’re interviewing for that coveted Summer Associate position at a downtown firm or doing your weekly grocery store run, it seems as though alumni are everywhere! Not surprisingly, after talking to many of these alumni it’s clear that the same sense of camaraderie that runs deep within the current Loyola community also extends to the Loyola alumni network.

Another part of the Loyola experience that I’ve come to appreciate is the number of experiential programs available to students. No matter what path you’re on, Loyola seems to have something for everyone. With various law reviews, moot court programs, and clinics, there are so many ways to get involved on campus and serve the community. This semester I enrolled in the Loyola Center for Conflict Resolution’s Conciliation and Mediation Assistance Clinic (CMAC). Not only am I able to learn and apply mediation techniques to serve the Los Angeles community, but I also am receiving units in the process. What makes Loyola unique is the school’s focus on integrating experiential programs such as CMAC into its core curriculum.

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