Wednesday, April 10, 2019

What I Love Most About Loyola

What I love the most about Loyola is the different opportunities to discover where my passions lie. Even though I have known I want to be attorney for a while, I came to Loyola with a very open mind about what kind of law I want to practice. As the first one in my family to go to law school, I didn’t have much experience regarding the specializations of the law. Even though I am still unsure about what I want to practice, the guidance I’ve received from the career services, professors, alumni and mentors has been invaluable in this process. In my time at Loyola, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about what each kind of law entails. The school brings in amazing guests who speak about their experiences and tell us why they love the work they do. Professors also do an incredible job at being resources and making sure they connect you with people who may be resources. I remember the first time I went to office hours, one of my professors asked me what I wanted to practice, and when I mentioned I was interested in educational law; he immediately gave me the name of someone from Loyola who worked for the LAUSD. In my experience, Loyola’s alumni network is incredibly supportive, and willing to share their experience. Alumni are willing to talk to you about how to access opportunities and they are willing mentors for students who reach out. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to have great student mentors who have shared their experiences in the classroom and job hunting.

In general, I have found the Loyola community to be incredibly supportive, and that support has been key in getting me through this first year.

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