Monday, April 15, 2019

What I Love About Loyola

What I love about Loyola Law School is that we’re a community that’s passionate about the things we care about and as a result we’re always moving, learning, doing something to make a change, and looking to make a difference.

Students and teachers are teaching and learning alike. The law is always changing and developing, and every day there’s something in the media or in current events that affects or is affected by the law. Our faculty takes that information, learns from it, and in turn teaches it to us, the student body, and to the greater community in lectures, panel events, and presentations. They make sure that we, the students and the community, understand what’s going on in the world, how we relate to it, what our impact could be, and are thus equipped with the tools and knowledge to tackle the issues

Our faculty is also aware of their social impact and their ability to make a difference in the community. For example, our faculty has held panels to inform the student and general community about hot topic issues in the current sociopolitical sphere like immigration and policing, hosted workshops to help people complete their citizenship applications, and mobilized the student body to help others with voter registration for elections and get people to the polls. Our faculty is passionate about what they do, and that’s part of what makes going to school at Loyola so refreshing, interesting, and enjoyable.

Our student body is also a force to be reckoned with. Like the faculty, we are passionate about the education we are receiving, the change we are seeking to make, projects we are taking on, and the dreams we are pursuing. To say we are simply “involved” would be an understatement. Loyola has a great experiential learning program consisting of many clinics and practicums that allows students to explore their interests in different areas of the law while simultaneously contributing positive energy and effort into the community. On an extracurricular level, we also have many clubs that have a social outreach focus (i.e. mentoring kids in the local community or hosting fundraisers to raise awareness for their respective causes) and an emphasis on getting students out in the field and getting experience. Through externships, internships, and employment, our student body also has a presence in every area of the law and in the public and private sectors. On an academic level, we are passionate not only about doing well individually but also making sure our peers our doing well because when our whole community succeeds and thrives as a whole, we succeed and thrive individually.

What I love about Loyola is that we take that passion to better ourselves and our community. We are always learning from the past and looking to the future to make a change.