Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Building Strong Relationships with Faculty

I remember googling my professors’ names before my first semester of law school. I was floored by how exceptional they all were. Almost all of them had published articles, books, and taught all over the country. These people are ROCKSTARS. They are what we, as Loyola students, are striving to become. I was lucky enough to have been able to build a relationship with some of the faculty members during first semester.

I took advantage of the opportunity to converse in a less formal setting with a number of professors at the PILF auction night. Which is an impressive event sponsored by Loyola’s Public interest group. Students and teachers are invited to attend to drink, eat, converse, and bid on items, with all the proceeds going to public interest funding. This was a great time to start to form bonds with my professors.

My favorite course during first semester was contracts. I was naturally drawn to the material because contracts are all around us; we see them every day, in numerous forms. I aspire to work in sports/entertainment law. Contracts was without a doubt the most pertinent course to entertainment/sports law that I was enrolled in first semester. Through my engagement in the course I also was able to form a strong relationship with my contracts professor.

She went above and beyond for her students. We were able to stay almost everyday after class and ask her questions about the readings and the cases. During midterms and final exam time, she organized numerous review sessions and practice exam de-briefs. She is now helping me with my legal internship search, and I am confident that we will maintain a relationship throughout my time at Loyola and into my legal career!

As of second semester, all of my professors have been highly accessible and eager to assist us in any way they can. I have been spending a lot of time in my career counselor’s office lately, as I search for a legal summer position. I can not say enough about my counselor this far. She is fantastic. Not only is she highly accessible for editing my resume, cover letter, etc., but she also works to bring my stress levels DOWN, which is not an easy task. There is a lot that I appreciate about the faculty at Loyola, but first and foremost I admire their tireless effort to help us succeed in law school and one day as attorneys.

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