Thursday, April 18, 2019

Alumni Amor

Valentine’s Day has passed, so it’s only appropriate to talk about what I love about Loyola! The only problem is there are honestly so many things, some of which I have already discussed in prior posts. The professors, the classes, the academic support, and my classmates all make Loyola feel like a second home. However, one area that I haven’t talked much about is Loyola’s extensive alumni network.

Although applications for summer externships and associate positions started to go out at the end of the Fall semester, the search for summer employment really ramps up beginning in the Spring semester. Accordingly, Spring semester has so far been filled with events to learn more about employment in different areas of law. Many of these events feature or are organized by Loyola alumni. So far, I have attended a handful of events including a talk with Larry Midler, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for CBRE (a top real estate services and investment firm), and a focus group with a hiring manager at Allen Matkins (a top tier California real estate firm). Not only are these events informative but they are great opportunities to experience just how extensive the Loyola alumni network really is. If you plan to practice in California, especially Southern California, Loyola alumni are literally everywhere.

Other opportunities to get to know alums are less formal but can be a lot of fun! One example is the PILF auction, a can’t-miss event in the fall to raise money for students who earn pro bono summer positions in public interest. Many of the items and experiences up for auction are provided by the alumni. This year, Claudia and I won a dinner for 6 at the Magic Castle. The evening, which we planned to celebrate my mom’s birthday, was organized and hosted by Loyola alum, Ray Karch. Mr. Karch guided us on a special tour of the entire Castle, arranged dinner in a private dining room, and even performed a private close-up show for us! He could not have been a better host and my entire family had a fantastic evening. You never know what sorts of connections you will make at Loyola.

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