Tuesday, April 23, 2019

All The Opportunities!

One of the best things about Loyola is how many opportunities you’re given without even realizing it. Whether it is a clinic, an externship, or a student organization, there is not only something for everyone, they are open to everyone (I mean you have to apply and interview for a lot of them, but that is just like real life, right? You still have the opportunity.)

I have been lucky enough to really dive into several of the experiential learning opportunities here. My work on the Byrne Trial Team is experiential. I am also in the Hobbs/Poehls District Attorney Practicum, which is another experiential program. Because I want to be a trial attorney, I am involved in programs that are geared towards trial skills. If trial isn’t your thing, there are tons of other programs out there that will be geared towards whatever you want to try.

I think that anyone who goes here would be crazy not to take advantage of all of the experiential opportunities. Something I hear from almost every practicing lawyer I meet here in LA is that Loyola produces the best skill-based, practice-ready attorneys in the area straight out of law school. It is because the majority of us take advantage of actually learning how to be a lawyer while we are in school through these programs, rather than learning just the theoretical stuff. My opinion is: you can know absolutely everything about the law, but if you don’t know how to practically apply that knowledge, what is the point?

There are also concentrations at Loyola, which allows you to take classes in certain areas of the law and then you get a distinction on your transcript that you completed a certain concentration. I haven’t officially signed up for one, but I plan on applying to be a part of the Criminal Justice Concentration. Another great opportunity here at Loyola is to take classes that will truly help you practice in your field of choice!

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