Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Importance of Study Groups

Hello again!

With law school being so exhausting (the reading never ends!), it is so important to have friends and colleagues that you can study together with. Sometimes people prefer to study by themselves, but I think that eventually you get tired of that and you need someone to share learning and to learn from that person too! It makes things easier and sometimes funnier! I do not have a study group – at least we do not call a study group – but I have all my LLM colleagues that are always there for me when I need help. Since we are "in the same boat", it is not hard to find one asking for help and guidance from another one. And that is how we keep going towards our goal: to graduate in Spring 2019!

I probably already talked about that here because that is one of the greatest things in Loyola Law School – at least for me -, but it is awesome how supportive everyone at the campus is! And this applies to literally everyone: classmates, professors, and all the LLS staff. I find this amazing because it helps us to not give up and keep going even when we think we are not doing great.

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