Friday, March 1, 2019

My 2L Winter Break

Welcome back everyone! 1Ls: you made it through your first semester of law school! 2Ls: congratulations for being halfway done! 3Ls: one step closer to graduation! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a transfer student. With that said, going into finals last semester was a different experience for me as well despite being a 2L. Yes, I had taken exams before, but something about being put in a new environment among new classmates made things different this time around. In a way, I took last semester’s finals as a way to prove to myself that I deserved to be at Loyola among some of the best and brightest students and faculty.

Last semester I had four finals in total and developed a game plan early on as to how I would tackle each subject. As I began studying in early November, I started to think that taking two four-unit courses at once probably wasn’t the best way to ease myself into a new school. Regardless, the exams were coming whether I was ready or not and so I spent the next two months preparing, outlining, and doing practice questions.

When it was all said and done, I left my exams feeling pretty good. Sure, there were things that tripped me up or seemed confusing, but law school is rarely ever completely straightforward. The important thing, at the time, was that I made it through my first semester at Loyola and was ready for a long overdue break.

I spent my break with family and friends enjoying California’s “winter” season. I celebrated the holidays, watched lots of Patriots football, and started planning my goals for the upcoming year. And just like that, though, we’re back for the Spring semester. Overall, I’m excited for what this semester has in store as I continue to immerse myself in all that Loyola has to offer.

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