Wednesday, March 6, 2019

My 1L Winter Break

You are given a surplus of advice around exam time. Do this, don’t do that. Upper level students, professors and counselors are all eager to give 1L’s the inside scoop on law school exams, and rightfully so! They have been there, and done exactly what you are about to do. I took this as my opportunity to learn and hear what study techniques and test taking tips worked well for others. I ended up using bits and pieces of other peoples advice and forming my own study regiment. While it can be helpful to take advice from upper level classmates and professors, it can also be overwhelming to hear how and how much your 1L peers are studying. I struggled with it at the start and found myself comparing what I was doing to all my classmates. I then began to realize that law school is adaptable and study techniques should be individualized. You are the only one who knows how YOU learn best. Once I believed this, my stress levels went down drastically. I am excited to continue applying my new-found study habits to second semester.

After my criminal law exam (my last one) I was thrilled to have completed my first semester of law school. So much had occurred since I first moved to Los Angeles and I was ecstatic to go back home to Chicago to share my experience with my friends and family. I was able to reflect on the whole semester over break and it amazed me how much had happened in just five and a half months! I moved across the country, started law school, and met all new friends. I moved to Los Angeles not knowing a single person, and it honestly could not have worked out any better. Everyone’s first semester of law school is tough. You have to re-learn a lot of what you thought you already knew, but it is also very fulfilling.

I spent my winter break all over the Midwest. I spent time in my hometown, in the city and took trips to Milwaukee and St. Louis as well to spend time with my close friends from undergrad. It was the perfect balance of activity and relaxation. Now I’m ready to start off the new year, with another semester at Loyola!

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